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San Francisco Explorations

San Francisco is filled with so many beautiful places to see and visit. The history that lies in this city is remarkable when paired with non-ending picture opportunities. Melissa and I recently enjoyed a trip where we would wake up to the busy city soundscape and head on over to our favorite coffee shop, enjoy an excellent meal, and sightsee at every opportunity we got. 

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We took a visit to Plow, where I believe has the best breakfast around in San Francisco. Both of truly enjoy the refreshing ingredients that were hand-picked from local shops all around the city as well as the coastal vibes that we got. 

A breakfast such as that from Plow is paired with our absolute favorite coffee location, Blue Bottle Coffee. It was here that so many of our conversations were had as husband and wife. We both laughed an took sips of our Lattes. Which we thoroughly enjoyed. Marriage for the two of us truly is like a friendship. Sharing a coffee with your best friend shows intentionality in your relationship, conversation, and simply allows my wife to be heard. I believe that as we build our marriage, intentionality is key to keeping the marriage alive, fresh, and revitalizing. 

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Since Melissa and I both have dived into Fine Art Wedding Photography, our objective has been to capture emotion on a deeper level as well as the world. We Photography Weddings not just so you have the Photos, but so you could remember the five senses you experienced that day. 


So with this trip along the Mid-Northern Coast, we wanted to feel the wind across our faces. We wanted to smell the salty ocean breeze as we inhaled the scents of locals making bonfires along the sand. Seeing the sailboats come in at sunset to dock and ties their boats after a long day of fighting the winds to navigate along the currents. 

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