At the end of the day we are all here for one purpose, and that is to pass on these beautiful heirlooms and moments to future generations. The experience that you are about to have forever is something that you will remember every single day. We want to be there to help you remember not just what your Wedding Day looked like, but how the world looked and felt like as well. What did the sun feel like on your skin? Or the what did the ocean mist feel like as it subtly floated around you during your portrait session? What did it sound like when your loved one looked you straight in the eyes, and spoke about how much they truly love you? These are the types of experiences we are here to capture. 
We absolutely loved having Aziz Studios a part of our day! They did the cinematography for our Colorado wedding, and we could not be more happy with the end result. We were so thrilled to receive our video just a couple of weeks after the wedding! They did a beautiful job — and traveled all the way to Colorado just for us. We would recommend their film or photography services to anyone — no matter where your event is across the country.

- Holly Ragsdale
Overwhelmed, no other way to describe how we felt with the work from Andrew and Melissa from our daughters wedding. The personal touch, eye for detail and calming presence was a great gift to us. We will forever treasure how beautifully they captured this day in film, video, and print.
Melissa and Andrew go above and beyond in every capacity. I’m incapable of watching it without sobbing to this day. I’m beyond greateful for the expertise, the care, and detication they put in to make sure that ever single shot was taken at the perfect frame and that captures the exact light they see in it. This is the most talented couple I have yet to meet in my days thank you Aziz Studios

- Ariel Soule-Baby
Andrew is so many wonderful things. His customer service is impeccable, he is kind and truly appreciates love stories of every kind. His films are beyond beautiful and will go above and beyond to capture your special day. He makes YOU feel important and is 100% going to give you something to keep and watch forever.